Here at Sheffield Rolling Road we are the only Tuning company in this area that prove our results on our state of the art LPS3000 Maha Dyno recently investing in the latest software and upgrades we aim to provide customers with the best service around.

Remapping is basically tuning an engine for better performance or fuel efficiency by reprogramming the Engine control unit (ECU).

There are a number of different ways of tuning a car, one of which is live mapping which consists of changing parameters within the ECU whist we running the car on our state of the art Dyno. Another way is what we call flash tuning which is reading the car ECU via the OBD socket or bench tuning which is taking the ECU off the car to make a direct connection to the ECU’s memory, and then tuning the file and writing it back in to the ECU.

At our facilities here in Sheffield we can tune any vehicle to your needs where your need is more power for that extra go or for economy for the ever rising fuel prices or even a combined tune which is a little bit of both, As well here at Sheffield Rolling road we can also tune and supply many aftermarket ECU’s as well such as :

  • GEMS
  • DTA fast
  • OMEX
  • MBE